Estimating Cloud Energy Consumption with a Linear Model - Part 1

This arcticle is part of a multi-part series. Be sure to check out / stay tuned for the other parts! A big goal for us here is at how to measure the energy/carbon use of cloud services. [...]

- by Dan Mateas

Reproducing the Blauer Engel für Software measurements for Okular

In the past we have joined the Workshop around the Blauer Engel (with the Öko Institut e.V. as the host this year) and also some of the regular meetings from the KDE Eco Team. [...]

- by Arne Tarara

Trying out Firefox 104 energy measurements

Mozilla released a new version 104 this week which sports a power measurement feature. This immediately sparked our interest and we wanted to give it some test run against a containerized browser in our Green Metrics Tool. [...]

- by Arne Tarara

Updating the DC measurements

In my last blog post I have written about how we finally completed the DC measurement reporter for our Green Metrics Tool. In the last days we have looked at reducing the variance of the ATX powerlanes and finding out if swapping out the resistors for more stable current measurement resistors can improve the measurement. [...]

- by Arne Tarara

DC energy measurements for software

We finally got our DC measurement setup ready … sadly around one month later than expected. If you wanna see first results go here: Wordpress sample measurement Stress sample measurement If you wann get the details of our journey, why we are integrating it into our tool, some tech specs and the future outlook on when we have the AC measurement ready, then read on :) [...]

- by Arne Tarara

CO2 Formulas and Case Studies

Starting this month we will be releasing articles in a regular fashion about insights into energy use of specifc software tools or architectures. In order to lay a foundation to follow these articles we have created at a CO2 Formulas page, where you can find all the relevant formulas how to calculate the energy use of software. [...]

- by Arne Tarara

Version 0.1-beta released

Today we have have released the 0.1-beta version of our Green Metrics Tool Version 0.1-beta is considered a non-production version. We are currently working on the falsification of our energy measurements with public energy measurement databases. [...]

- by Arne Tarara

Progress on energy measurements

Today we have pushed the first beta of our metrics providers for full OS Intel RAPL readings. You can see the full details of our demo runs with the static version of the Green Website Foundation Page in our Green Metrics Tool Measurements Overview [...]

- by Arne Tarara

Youtube Extension

How many times do we use Youtube only to listen to songs, or to watch videos without the necessity of going for that fancy 4k/HD resolution? Also: do we really want to automatically watch other (algorithmically-chosen) videos after the current video is finished? [...]

- by Alexandre Oliveira

Change of license

As some of you following our Green Coding github have maybe noticed is that we have changed the license of some of our repositories. The tools and the demo code where prior licensed under MIT, which is a software license that we have come to love through popular libraries like Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Joplin and many more … [...]

- by Arne Tarara